Brochure in Seminar 2017

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Within the framework of the Letter of Agreement Between the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and Vietnam Japan International Institute for Science of Technology (VJIIST) for provision of “Support to the global project entitled ‘Building Capacity for enhancing bioenergy sustainability through the use of GBEP indicators’ (GCP/GLO/554/GER)”, VJIIST will organize a workshop about Biomass and Residue to Energy Production.

The workshop will focus on the utilization of biomass residues for energy production. During the workshop experts from Vietnam, Germany and the respective country will work on suitable solutions for the utilization of residues for the energy production. VJIIST is looking forward to welcome experts from FAO, Germany and partners of FAO to elaborate on specific topics: problems and challenges caused by residue utilization, barriers and known technical issues. Also stakeholders, like farmers and biomass processing plant operators, are invited to share their experience and discuss the presented solutions.

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